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  • 品牌展示
    Under the national industrial strategy, the China National Furniture Association initiated a promotion event named “2021 Excellent China Furniture Products” this February. Through our multiple media channels both at home and abroad, the China National Furniture Association displays some selected furniture products that are designed and made during the industrial transformation and upgrading process. We hereby encourage innovation competitiveness in the industry and highlight Chinese brands' images on the global market.

    Our WeChat page will update the “Excellent China Furniture Products of the Year” series in the following weeks. All these products have been launched to the market before the end of 2021. Subscribe and follow us!

    Henglin Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.

    恒林家居成立于1998年,是一家集研發、生產、銷售辦公椅、沙發、按摩椅等健康坐具及家具于一體的國家高新技術企業,是國內領先的座椅開發商和目前國內最大的座椅制造商及出口商之一。產品遠銷美國、日本、法國等80多個國家和地區,在越南、白俄羅斯、韓國設立了分支機構,并收購了瑞士的高端系統辦公品牌——lista office。公司于2017年11月在上海證券交易所上市,股票代碼603661。
    As a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of office chairs, sofas, massage chairs, furniture and other health seat products, the company, founded in 1998, is China's largest office chair developmer, manufacturer and exporter. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and France. The company has established branches in Vietnam, Belarus, and South Korea, and acquired the leading Swiss office system company—— Lista Office. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2017 with the stock code 603661.

    Excellent Product of the Year -- HLC-2908

    HLC-2908 ergonomic office chair is an inspired work to offer people leisure and rest during their work. Back can be tilted between 90 to 118 degrees, and the molded foam seat cushion delivers greatest support to users while releasing their extra back pressure. The innovated 3D base and 360 degree active mechanism are flexibly structured, which can activate the muscles on waist and neck to protect the spine. Besides, the lumbar support can be adjusted up and down on a 6.7cm- range, making it friendly for all users to find their best waist support.



    Apart from Wechat, the “Excellent China Furniture Products” are compiled on the China Furniture Yearbook, Communication journal, website, and overseas brochures. The promotion covers domestic governmental minitries and agencies, industrial organizations, educational institutions, design studios, and more than 50 countries or regions' national industrial organizations, embassies and consulates, foreign official agencies in China,  international organizations and exhibitions. Welcome to contact the CNFA International Department by +86 10 87766821 for any cooperation needs.